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Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Health

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Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Health - Effects of water decoction of leaves of soursop indeed lately is getting revealed. It turns out the water decoction of soursop leaves can be used as a herbal concoctionas to treat a variety of ailments. Soursop leaves is very easy found around the US, and for Indonesia soursop is not difficult to grow. It turns out that the Lord had prepared a great remedy of soursop leaves.

Effects Of Water Decoction Of Soursop Leaves For Healing Cancer

Effects Of Water Decoction Of Leaves Of Soursop
Effects of water decoction of soursop leaves the first one is to cure cancer and couldalso as a precaution. Soursop leaves or Graviola contain anti-cancer called Annonaceous Acetogenin, which can kill the cancer cells without disturbing the other healthycells in the human body. Lately more and more people are testimony that once routinely drank water decoction of kankernya disease soursop leaves may be lost. For treatmen of cancer that is by boiling soursop leaf sheet 10 old (color green).

The amount of water approximately 3 gelasr (600 cc). Boil continuously until the water evaporates and lived more or less 1 or 1.5 Cup (200cc) only. The water stayed 1 glass of filtered and then for to sufferers every day twice, morning and afternoon. However, to monitor its development course must continue while consulting with doctors.
The effects of drinking the decoction of soursop leaves usually the abdomen will feel warm/hot, and sweaty bodies continued, similar to the effect of chemoteraphy. You have to remember that this medicine is herbal medicine, so the effect of his recovery is not quick, meaning that after drinking a routine for approximately 3-4 weeks the benefits of water decoction of soursop leaves new look.

The signs of this herbal medicine membasik of which the condition began to improve, the more sufferers could be active again, and after a review of lab/doctor turns kankernya cells begin to die and dry out, while other cells grow like hair, nails, and others not at all disturbed. If you googling on the internet is already many testimonials from cancer patients who use herbal remedies. Currently there are several companies that sell drugs or soursop Graviola leaves it in capsule form, making it much easier and practical drink.

This is one example of a capsule soursop leaves already extracted and taken its course, I recommend this herbal remedy because of the 100% natural and soursop leaf extract which worked awesome. For more details click on the image below.

Another Effects of water decoction of soursop leaf
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Another Effects of water decoction of soursop leaf

On certain areas of information about the benefits of soursop leaves inherited hereditary. Soursop leaf utilized by people Indonesia to treat some diseases. As an example, Sundanese (West Java) and soursop fruit leaves menggunakana young for high blood pressure-lowering drugs, while the people of Aceh using soursop leaves to treat sick coughing.

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Meanwhile, in the area of South Sulawesi, soursop leaves can be used to heat loss. Even today there's been a doctor and herbalist who prescribe thesoursop leaf to overcome some of the disease. Not only in the country, in the country of lainpun leaves and fruit soursop is not only used as foodstuffs, but also utilized for medicinal and natural pesticides.

The main function of soursop leaf that is killing the cancer cells of the pancreas, lung, kidney, pancreas, breast, prostate, and colon, leukemia, while the other uses are:

-Eliminate free radicals, drying out the cancer cells, heal inflammation in the body, and especially increase the stamina of patients so that the body is not weak.
-Cure inflammation, such as sore throat, colon, digestion, ambeien, and diabetes.
-Prevent and cure gout
-Cure diseases of high bad cholesterol levels.
-For men, soursop leaves add to the amount of sperm and to strengthen.
-The immune-boosting.
-That's the usefulness of water decoction of soursop leaves, may be useful

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